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Aaj Ke Shahenshah (1990) [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 03 Sep 1990 (India) Genre : Action | Drama Runtime : 02:14:20
Director : Shibu Mitra Star : Raj Babbar, Jeetendra, Chunky Pandey, and Kimi Katkar
Storyline : Aaj Ke Shaenshah revolves around people who have different sets of values in life! One of our main protagonist being Sawan (Chunkey Panday) who believes that "Target Strength can be called the true emperor of life". This idea of his however, changes soon after he meets Barkha (Sonam) who has a very clear convictiontthat "Mohabbat" love and only love, can rule the world. Along their course of meeting Sawan and Barkha comeacross Pinky (Sonika Gill) the only daughter of the underworlddon Kanchan Seth (Raza Murad),who feels that"Daulat" money power is the real power in life. Pinky however falls for Sawan who inturn has already promisedBarkha that they shall marry each other. Sawan and Barkha have also decided to make their guardians meet each other and the marriage totality. So Sawan brings his brother Vicky (Jeetendra) who is a messiah of sorts and has sworn to wipe outall drug traffickers and evil doers. But suddenly the events take a shocking twist when barsati & Vicky come face to face. The moment they see each other, they get enrages and declare and proclaim that this marriage can never ever materliaze. Sawan and Barkha are absolutely bewildered at thisstrange turn of events and are at a loss of understanding till their respective brothers explainthe reason behind this ferocious proclamation i.e. the reason of their enimity! . However, along the live Sawan & Barkha decided never to live apart& to unite themselves even at the cost of fighting the wholeworld to help them to fulfill this dream, they have as a keen supporter Nisha (Kimmi Katkar) who live alone with her younger brother Bunty (Vishal Nihalani) who was once a drug addict. With great difficulty she could get her brother out of his nightmare, but only after creating enmity with the local drug lord Mangla (Ranjeet) who was also sent to jail due to Nishas complaint. Nisha now tries her level best to see that Sawan & Barkhas brothers reconcile on the other hand Kanchan Seth promises his only daughter Pinky that he will get Sawan for her by any means, even if means by doing away with anyones life! Mangla by nowis released from jail & swears revenge against Nisha and all around her. Size : 192.9 MB
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