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Aan Baan 1972 DVDRip
Relese Date : 06 July 1972 (India) Genre : Drama Runtime : 02:18:21 Director : Prakash Mehra Star : Master Bhagwan, Brahm Bhardwaj, Rajendra Kumar and Som Dutt
Storyline : Raja Bahadur rules hisregion, although fully aware thathis days as King are numbered. Nevertheless, he indulges in women, alcohol, and high-living - most of which is through borrowed money, with the creditors threatening to take him to court. He even has an affair with prostitute named Dulari, who he refuses to marry,and has her brother, Kundan, sent to jail. When his brother, Suraj, returns from abroad, Bahadur decides to withhold thisinformation from him. In order tokeep up appearances, Bahadur gets his men to rob their neighbor, Hiralal's house, of all jewelery and cash. But Hiralal wakes up, calls for help and for the police, and one of Bahadur's men is arrested. When Bahadur finds out that the police have traced him to his house, Suraj decides to take the rap for him, is arrested and imprisoned. On Suraj's return, Bahadur announces his marriage to Rekha, Hiralal's daughter.. Size : 205 MB Source : DVDRip
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