Teya Salat
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Ahinsa 1979 Dvd
Starcast: Sunil Dutt, Rekha, Ranjeet, Rajendra Nath
Plot: Birju (Sunil Dutt) return home from the army to meet his parents in the village, only to find out that his father has been murdered. He swears to take revenge and kills the people responsible for his father's death. Birju takes the path of violence and becomes one of the most notorious dacoits in the area; looting the rich and serving the poor. The popularity of Birju threatens Raka (Ranjeet), a ruthless dacoit who must find a way to banish his competitor. Birju gets married to Radha (Rekha) and loses his wanted status by surrendering to the law. Pardoned by the government, Birju looks forward to lead a normal life with his wife and new born kid. But the past catches on to terrorize him and his village in the form of Raka. Will Raka's Tragic past lead to his redemption? Can Birju overcome Raka and bring peace to the village
Genre: Action Runtime: 105:00
158.65 MB
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