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Anhonee (1952) Classic [DVDRip]
Release Date: 01 Jan 1952 Starcast: Nargis, Raj Kapoor and Agha
Plot: Lucknow-based impoverished advocate, Rajkumar Saxena, complains to his landlord about the deplorablecondition of his apartment but isinstead told by the latter's daughter, Roop, to pay his outstanding rent for over 6 months or face legal action. He approaches her father, Harnam Singh, who not only lets him live there for free, but also befriends him, and invites him to Roop's birthday party. Roop getsimpressed when he sings there and invites him for dinner along with her father. Before he could attend, he is asked to representa courtesan client, Mohini, who isfacing eviction by her landlord. He finds her resemblance to Roop quite unusual and mentionsthis during their dinner. This news apparently shocks Harnam,who gets hospitalized and subsequently passes away. Mohini, who is injured in an accident, retains him to sue Roop as she claims to be her sister, but the latter decides to let Mohini move in with her and share the estate
Genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller Runtime: 02:14:36
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