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Baharon Ki Manzil (1968) DVDRip
Director: Yakub Hasan Rizvi Ratings: 6.8/10 from 16 users File Name: Baharon Ki Manzil (1968) Release Date: 1968
Starcast: Meena Kumari, Dharmendra and Rehman, Farida Jalal, Tun Tun, Anwar Hashmi
Plot: Darjeeling-based Roy family consists of Subodh, his wife, Nanda, and their daughter, Nalini.On the occasion of Nalini's engagement ceremony with Mohan, a number of celebrationstake place, including fireworks, which result in Nanda's accident, she passes out, is treated for minor injuries, and is allowed to recuperate. The next morning she wakes up claiming that she is Radha; that Nalini is not her daughter; and that Subodh is her brother-in-law. She also states that she is to get married to Ram Kumar of Bombay. Fearing that his wife is losing her sanity, Subodh first summons their family doctor, Dr. Verma, and then a Psychiatrist, Dr. Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh conducts some tests on Nanda and concludes that her brain activity is normal. Then Nanda sees a dead woman's body in hercloset, which subsequently disappears when the others arrive; she also tries to kill herself - in vain... Genre: Romance | Mystery | Musical Runtime: 129.04 min
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