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Bahurani (1963) Classic [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 01 Jan 1963 Genre : Drama | Family Runtime : 02:13:33
Director : T. Prakash Rao Star : Guru Dutt, Feroz Khan andNasir Hussain
Storyline : Shyampur-based Vaid,the father of assertive Padma, is approached by the local Zamindar, who proposes marriage between Padma and hisoppressive son, Vikram, to whichhe agrees. On the day of the wedding, she finds that she is towed Raghu, the older semi-senileson. Though her father is ready to call off the wedding, she goesahead and re-locates to live in the palatial house of the Zamindar. Shortly thereafter, she will soon find that her husband is being ill-treated and her attempts to assert his rightwill pit her not only against her benevolent father-in-law, but also against her abusive mother-in-law and Vikram himself. Size : 191.7 MB
191.72 MB
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