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Bedardi (1993) [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 03 Aug 1993 (India) Genre : Action | Crime Runtime : 02:26:47
Director : Krishnakant Pandya Star : Ajay Devgn, Urmila Matondkar and Reena Roy
Storyline : Mumbai-based Saxenafamily consists of Professor Nirbhay, his wife, Preeti, their school-going daughter, Ritu; Nirbhay's college-going brother and sister, Vijay and Suman respectively. Vijay meets with fellow collegian, Honey, and aftera few altercations both fall in love with each other. Vijay is introduced to Honey's maternal uncle, Bhagwandas, and he approves instantly. Honey's long-estranged brother, Kanhaiya, re-enters her life and asks her not to see Vijay anymore. Then the lives of the entire Saxena family change drastically when money alloted for Suman's marriage is stolen, and Vijay accepts a contract to kill a man named Gulla - not knowing that he is being set-up to kill none other than Nirbhay himself. Size : 210.8 MB
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