Bhagwaan Dada 1986 DVD
Release Date: 25 April 1986 (India)
Director: J. Om Prakash Writers: Ramesh Pant (screenplay), Rahi Masoom Reza (story) Stars: Rajnikanth, Rakesh Roshanand Sridevi
Storyline Naive village-born Swaroop comes to Bombay city with a only Rs.80/-, which he loses to a thief. A man named Bhagwaan helps Swaroop recover this amount, and asks him to return back to his village, as the city is not a good place for a simpletonlike himself. Swaroop decides to stay, and Bhagwaan assists him to find a roof over his head, as well as employment. Swaroop meets with an attractive young woman named Bijli, and he is attracted to her. What Swaroopdoes not know that Bhagwaan isa notorious gangster known in the community as Bhagwaan Dada, and that Bijli is a woman of questionable character and means, who works during the night as a prostitute. Duration : 147.95 min
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