Devta 1956 Dvd
File Name: Devta 1956 dvd Release Date:
Starcast: Vyjayanthimala,Gemini Ganesan,Anjali Devi
Plot: The King loses his sight when he is bit by a snake and he needs 'Naag Jyothi' (serpent light) found in the Serpent world to restore his vision. A young man, Vijay (Gemini Ganesan) working in the palace falls in love with the princess, Nalini (Anjali Devi), but he gets banished when the King comes to know about their affair. In order to win the King's heart and get back the princess, Vijay undertakes the hazardous journey of going to the Serpents world getting the magic light from the hood of a snake in the custody of the serpent Queen (Vyjayanthimala). Vijay pretends to love the Queen to gain access to the Serpent light. He succeeds in getting it but the Queen comes to know of Vijay's deception and curses him to become a grotesque and disfigured human. How will Vijay free himself from the Snake Queen's curse? Genre: Family,drama Runtime: 168:00
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