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Dharmputra 1961 DVDRip
Release Date: 1961
Starcast: Mala Sinha, Shashi Kapoor and Rehman
Plot: Circa British Rule in India is the tale of two Delhi families, that of Nawab Badruddin and Gulshan Rai. The two families are so close that they virtually share the same house. The Nawab's daughter, Husn Bano, has an affair with a young man named Hamid, & gets pregnant. When the Nawab attempts to arrange her marriage with Hamid, he finds that Hamid has disappeared. Amrit Rai and his wife Savitri assist Husn with the birth of a baby boy, Dilip, and even adopt him and give him their family name. Young Dilip is a cute youngchild, the apple of the Badruddinand the Rai households. Husn then gets married to another young man, Javed, and moves toanother location. In the meantime, while participating in aprotest to force the British to leave India, the Nawab gets killed. Years later, Husn Bano andJaved return to a warm welcome by the Rai family. Then she meets Dilip - not the Dilip she had left behind - this Dilip is fascist, a Muslim-hater, who has joined forces with other extremists, in order to force Muslims to leave India, and even go to the extent of burning buildings and killing them. How can Husn and Dilip adapt to eachother with so much hate and distrust between them? Genre: Classics, Family Runtime: 142 Minutes
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