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Dil Daulat Duniya (1972) Classic [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 01 Jan 1972 Genre : Comedy | Drama Runtime : 02:32:08
Director : Prem Narayan Arora Star : Rajesh Khanna, Sadhana and Ashok Kumar
Storyline : Udharchand Shikarpuriis a homeless man who lives in Bombay albeit under the roof of multi-millionaire Seth Kalidas, whosix months away in his palatial house in Mussoorie. For the 4th time in his life, Udharchand 'moves' into Kalidas's Mansion along with his dog, Chicko. He meets and befriends two other homeless men, Raju and Vijay, and invites them to live with him.Shortly thereafter, one night the trio find that a female thief has broken into the mansion, they confront her, find out her name is Roopa, feel sorry for her, and invite her to also live with them. Subsequently, Raju's wife, Kiran, his son, and sister, Rita also move. Then Roopa feelssorry for another homeless man,Kaluram, and also invites him to live in the mansion. The last inmate is a cook by the name of Mishrain, who is also permitted to live there. What Udharchand does not know is that the owner of the mansion has also made himself a member. Size : 218.5 MB
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