27 Down (1974) Classic [DvDRip]
Relese Date : 1974 Genre : Drama
Runtime : 1h55 Director : Awtar Krishna Kaul Cast : Sudhir Dalvi,Rakhee Gulzar,Sadhu Meher,M.K. Raina
Description : Anna (Om Shivpuri) and his son, Sanjay (M.K. Raina) live in a small town. Anna is a train-driver and works for the Railways. One day his train meetswith an accident and hehis right leg gets paralyzed. When Sanjay grows up, Anna gets him a job with the Railways as a Ticket Checker. Sanjay gets accustomed to his job so much that he starts more and more time on the train then in his house. During his travels he comes across a young lady passenger, Shalini (Raakhee). They meet often and explore having a relationship. Thinking that Shalini wants to marry him, he accompanies her to meet hergrandfather and two siblings. He is shocked when Shalini introduces him as a married man,working as her co-worker. Sanjay, in disbelief, must find outwhy Shalini lied about this marital status and his employment with the Railways. His father finds out about his affair with Shalini, and arranges his marriage with another girl from thevillage. Sanjay, reluctantly marries but is unableto get Shalini out of his mind andheart.
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