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Dushmani (1995) [DvDRip]
Relese Date : 1995 Genre : Action, Romance Runtime : 2h30m
Director : Bunty Soorma Cast : Sunny Deol,Jackie Shroff,Manisha Koirala,Deepti Naval
Description : Bitter enmity has always existed between the Oberoi andthe Singh families. Witheach and every generation swearing to extract vengeance. This generation consists of SurajSingh and his brother, Jai. While Jai leads the life of a gangster, Suraj is not inclined to violence at all. He meets with a young woman named Sapna, and both fall in love with each other. Whenhe takes Sapna to be introducedto Jai and the rest ofhis family, he is told that he cannot marry Sapna, as she is the daughter ofOberoi. Sapna and Suraj are ableto convince Jai and the rest of the Singh family to give up this enmity, and let them marry. Jai goes to meet Oberoi, and proposes marriage, and to his joy, Oberoi agrees, and both families start preparations for the marriage. Jai starts to relaxand thinks about giving up his gangster-like life. It is then a group of men target him with automatic weapons, leaving him mortally wounded and hospitalized. When Suraj finds out, he is enraged, and decides to avengehis brother's injuries. He finds out that the assailants are none other than Oberoi's men, and heswears to bring an end to Oberoi and all of his family, including Sapna. And thus begins the vengeance of this generation....
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