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Haadsaa 1983 VCDRip
Release Date: 1983
Starcast: Akbar Khan, Ranjeeta Kaur and Smita Patil
Plot: Asha lives a poor lifestyle with her parents in Bombay. When her mom passes away, herdad takes to alcohol in a big way, and also brings home her stepmother, who is also an alcoholic and dislikes Asha. When Asha befriends Guddu, she throws him our of the house. In anger, Asha pushes her down the stairs and kills her. When shegrows up, her father sells her toR.K. Chakravarty for a suitcase full of cash. Chakravarty marriesher, but she remains frustrated,as he is impotent, incapable of loving her. Then she gets a parrot as a pet. When the parrot attempts to fly away, she clips it's wings. When her carbreaks down, she has it servicedat Auto Services, and when motor mechanic, Jaikumar Sharma, returns it to her house,she thinks her friend Guddu has returned, seduces and gets intimate with Jai. She frequently breaks her car down, and asks Jai to repair it, but he refuses to be seduced by her nor gets intimate with her. When she findsout that he has fallen in love with a girl named Robby, she decides to do away with her - and whosoever even attempts to stand in her and Jai's way. Genre: Action | Thriller Runtime: 143 Minutes
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