Habari (1979) DVD Rip
Director : Babubhai Mistry, Sher Jung Singh Producer : Mahendra Patel, Hitkaran Singh Music Director : Ravindra Jain, Sapan Jagmohan
File Name: Habari 1979 Release Date: 1979 Starcast: Neera, Raaj Kumar, Mahendra Sandhu, Padma Khanna, Ashish Kumar, Mohan Choti, Jayshree etc
Plot: Vijay, who loves animals, starts a campaign for the preservation of wild life and he is joined by his brother-in-law. A poacher, whose income is stopped, kills Vijay and his wife. Ajit, undaunted, carries on Vijayscrusade. He and his nephew, by their loving behaviour even change the daughter of the poaching gang boss from her kill-the-animal idea and she falls in league with Ajit and Pinky. Genre: wild-Life | Jungle | Crime | Thriller Runtime: 116.69 min
153.90 MB
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