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Judaai (1980) [DvDRip]
Relese Date : 1980 Genre : Family, Drama
Runtime : 2h36m Director : Rama Rao Tatineni
Cast : Ashok Kumar,Jeetendra,Rekha,Sachin Description : Widower and formerJudge Umakant Verma lives a wealthy lifestyle with his only son, Dr. Shashikant; a houseful of servants, led by Gauri, the daughter of his childhood friend, Narayan Singh. Gauri is not treated as a servant but more as a family member and has made herself totally indispensable. So much so when Umakant makes his last will and testament, he wants Shashikantto marry Gauri. Shortly thereafter Umakant passes away, and Shashikant and Gauri do get married. Soon Gauri givesbirth to a boy, Ravikant, and a few months later gets pregnant again. Before she could conceive,she findsout that Shashikant hasbeen meeting with a former girlfriend, Krishna, and refuses to take any telephonic messagesfrom her, as a result Krishna's child passes away, arow breaks out between Gauri and Shashikant, and Gauri leaves thehouse. Shashikant does his best to bring up Ravikant on his own,whileGauri gives birth to anotherson, Umakant, and does her bestto bring him up. The question remains which of the two parents will be successful in bringing up their respective sons, and who will be better - Ravikant or Umakant?
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