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Laila majnu 1979 Dvd
Starcast: Rishi Kapoor, Ranjeeta Kaur, Danny Denzongpa,
Plot: Kaish Amari comes from a wealthy Islamic family. At the tender age of six he is sent to school and gets friendly with a young girl named Laila. Both of them become close friends, so much so that Kaish gets himselfpunished and beaten for her. They mature in age so doestheir love much to the chagrin ofLaila's dad, who wants her to marry a wealthy Arabian, Bahksh, a noble Prince. Now the region is aflame with their love story, Kaish, who is now known as Majnu, cannot get Laila out ofhis mind and roams around the desert semi-senile, without food or drink, while Laila is getting wed to the man of her father's choice. The question remains will love triumph in the end or is thisyoung couple fated to be separated for the rest of their lives.
Genre: Drama,Musical,Romance Runtime: 140:00
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