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Love 86 (1986) Classic Movie [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 01 Jan 1986 Genre : Drama | Romance Runtime : 2:23:47
Director : Esmayeel Shroff Star : Tanuja, Rohan Kapoor Neelam And Govinda
Storyline : Laxmidevi is a strict disciplinarian and stern mother, who rules over her palatial house with an iron hand. She hastwo daughters of marriageable age, one is Leena, and the otheris Isha. She wants to get them married to two brothers from a decent and well-off family, so that both sisters can be together for life. But fate decides otherwise, for her daughters are not all that interested in her choice of their grooms, but prefer two down-and-out thieves named Omi and Vikram Doshi, who are orphaned at a very young age, and come from poor families. NowLaxmidevi must decide about thefate of her two daughters and her prospective son-in-laws.
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