Manokaamnaa 1980 Dvd File Name: Manokaamnaa 1980 Dvd Release Date: Starcast: Urmila Bhatt,Sahil Chaturvedi Plot: Gauri is a joyful young girl living in a snow-clad village of the Himalayas. Their village District Forest Officer retires and his posistion is taken by a much younger officer, Vikas Kashyap (). Gauri constantly pesters Vikas but finds him uninterested and a bit harsh. Soon, she finds herself secretly loving Vikas ans her whole world changes. But Vikas is in love with London-based Sonia, and their marriage is set to take place very soon. Can Gauri fight all odds and triumph in her love?
Genre: Drama ,Romance Runtime: 118:00
171.80 MB
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