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Chhoti Si Mulaqat 1967 DVDRip
File Name: Chhoti Si Mulaqat 1967DVDRip Release Date: 1967
Starcast: Vyjayanthimala, Uttam Kumar and Rajendra Nath
Plot: Shanker Choudhury's (TarunBose) mother (Pratima Devi), at the pleas of her dying husband, marries off his (Shanker's) daughter to a youth. Both the children are under-age and do not know nor understand that they have been married. When Shanker's wife (Veena) finds out,she is livid, and refuses to let her child be committed to this marriage. Years pass, Shanker has passed away, though his mother is still alive, and his wife is a widow, and his daughter hasnow grown up to be a lovely young lady, Roopa (Vyjayanthimala). Roopa has many suitors, but she is attracted to only one - Ashok (Uttam Kumar). Ashok is also attracted to her, and both fall in love. Roopa introduces Ashok to her mother, who approves ofhim, and plans are set to marry them. Then Roopa finds out thatshe has already been married in child-hood. This creates a conflictin her. Others too find out and all of a sudden Roopa is shunned,avoided, and even asked not to participate in a wedding ceremony. Ashok is supportive and wants to go ahead with marriage with Roopa. How will both oulive this stigma that Roopa is already married, and will the law and the community permit Roopa to be married a second time? Genre: Drama | Romance Runtime: 144 Minutes
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