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Ek Nazar (1972) DvD Rip
Duration : 121.31 min - Romance |Musical | Family | Drama
Leading lawyer and public prosecutor, Raghunath Tyagi, lives an upper middle- class life inIndia with his only son, Akash Manmohan. Raghunath would likehis son to take an interest in law or a business, but all Akash is interested in is poems. One day Akash overhears one of his poems being sung by a woman. He is attracted to this woman, whose name is Shabnam, and would like to marry her. The onlyproblem is his dad, who is strongly opposed to his son marrying a woman of questionable character and means - a prostitute. But Akash is adamant, leaves his dad's house and continues his affair with Shabnam. Shabnam wants to break free from the brothel madame, Aminabai, and does so, only to find that Aminabai has sold her to a man named Nawab for Rs.20,000/-. Angered at Aminabai, Shabnam goes to confront her, and as a result Amina is killed, and Shabnam is arrested and charged with first degree murder - the punishmentfor which.
Director: B.R. Ishara Writers: B.R. Ishara, Rajkumar Bedi (dialogue director) Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri, Tarun Bose and Nadira
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