Parvarish 1958 Dvd
Starcast: Raj Kapoor, Mala Sinha,Lalita Pawar, Nasir Hussain
Plot: Wealthy Thakur Jaswant Singh is thrilled that he is about to finally become a parent, and is pleased when his wife, Rukmani, gives birth to a son. Due to a hospital accident, the identification on his son, as well as the son of a prostitute gets misplaced and the Thakur is compelled to take both sons home. Circumstances compel Rukmani to nurse both of them, while they must also include Ustad Banke Bihari, a male who claims to be the maternal uncle of one of the boys, in their household. When the community blacklists Jaswant, his friend, Thakur Harnam Singh, supports him, and even promises to get his yet unborn daughter married to one of his sons. Harnam's wife passes away after giving birth to Asha, and the duo re-locate to live in Switzerland. 20 years later they return back and re-unite with Jaswant's family - who are still unable to tell the boys, Raja and Ramesh, apart. Then Raja starts showing his true colors, consumes alcohol, gambles, steals, and is arrested by the police. Grateful that he is finally able to get rid of the stigma, Jaswant and Harnam plan to get Asha and Ramesh married - little realizing that more shocks are in store for them - starting with the refusal of Asha to marry Ramesh.
Genre: Family,Drama Runtime: 140:00
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