Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai|1990| (DVD)
Release Date: 1990 Starcast: Jeetendra, Rekha and Raadhika
Plot: Roopa lives a wealthy lifestyle with her husband, Prakash Chandra, who works for her dad, Manoharlal Verma, and a daughter named Sharda alias Pinky. Roopa and Prakash do notget along and Roopa suspects that Prakash is having an affair. Her suspicious nature gets a boost when a woman named Sharda Dayal Sharma moves intoa house next door. Roopa startsvile rumors about Sharda havingan affair with Prakash. As a result of these rumors, no one iswilling to marry Sharda, she is mocked by everyone in the community, and even loses her bank job. Sharda decides to teach Roopa a lesson by moving her belongings in to her house, claiming that she is indeed Prakash's mistress. The surprising thing is Prakash agrees to this arrangement and permits her to live with them. Unable to assert herself, Roopa leaves the house, and goes to live with her parents. Things aregoing well with Sharda, until one day when Pinky goes missing..
Genre: Drama | Family Runtime: 143.33
209.51 MB
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