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Police Public Dvd 1990
Starcast: Vijay Aidasani, JayshreeArora, Ila Arun, Kabir Bedi
Plot: Senior Police Inspector Shah Nawaz Khan's investigation into the apparent suicidal death of Mrs. Karuna Sharma, is interrupted when he is transferred to another region. The new officer, Mahar Singh Grewal, thinks that Karuna has committed suicide, and does nothing. Karuna's dad, Ram Swarup, sister, Usha, and brother, Shyam, agitate, and as a result the matter is entrusted to CBI Officer Jagmohan Azaad. Will Jagmohan be able to prove that Karuna's death was foul play and open up a Pandora's's box, or will he quietly close the file without any further investigation.
Genre: Crime,Drama Runtime: 140:00
217.81 MB
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