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Ek Hi Rasta 1956 DVDRip
Release Date: 1956
Starcast: Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari and Sunil Dutt
Plot: Amar, Malti, and their youngson, Raja, live a middle-class, butvery harmonious life. Both Amar and Malti were brought up in an orphanage, and are always ready to help other orphans. Amar works for a kind-hearted and generous employer named Prakash Mehta, who is envious of their lifestyle, and would himself like to get married. Then one day Amar intercepts some criminal activity, which results in two employees losing their jobs, with one ending up in prison. When the prison term gets over,he runs over Amar under his truck, killing him instantly. Devastated and heart-broken, Malti hides this news from Raja and tells him that Amar is hospitalized and unable to return home. Then the towns folks start linking her with Prakash, leading to rumors beingspread about their intimacy, finally resulting in Prakash proposing to her and both getting married. This settled, thetwo hope that life will continue and wounds will heal. But Raja expects his dad to return home,starts hating Prakash - so muchso he harbors thoughts of killinghim. And then one day Raja gets hold of a gun - and this time he will make sure that he kills Prakash - who he blames for his parents' separation. Genre: Family | Drama Runtime: 149 Minutes
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