Sagai (1951) Classic [DvDRip]
Relese Date : 1951 Genre : Drama
Runtime : 2h10m Director : Harnam Singh Rawai Cast : Gope,Hiralal,Iftekhar,Prem Nath
Description : Chandni (Rehana) and her dad (Iftekhar) belong toa well-off family. Her dad feels that Chandni has come of age and must get married. He selectsa groom for her and asks her tomarry him. She refuses and runsaway from home. She meets up with Fooman and Dhaboo and gets into a series of adventureswith them, including eluding the police. One of their adventures lands them abroad a ship captained by Prem (Prem Nath), who is transporting a Princess Shehzadi (Purnima) to her nativeland. The Shehzadi likes Prem and would like him to marry her,but Prem refuses, and as soon as they land, Prem is arrested by the King, imprisoned and tortured. Fooman, Dhaboo, and Chandni plan to help Prem to escape, andend up jeopardizing their own lives.
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