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Sun Sajna 1982
File Name: Sun Sajna 1982 Dvd Release Date: Starcast: Mithun,Ranjeeta Kaur,Iftekhar Plot: Sun Sajna is a Bollywood Love Story, starring Mithun Chakraborty & Ranjeeta. On the scenic mountain town of Madhopur lives a lively and vivacious young woman named Basanti, who runs a business "Basanti's Shop" by selling novelties and dolls, along with her aged father. She meets Raj Kumar, a singer, during one of his shows at the nearby Hotel Tin Min, and both fall in love. They plan to get married, but before that Raj has to perform a show in Bombay, as well as bring his mother over to introduce her to Basanti. Raj never returns. A close friend of the family, Gopi, goes to the city to locate Raj, as Basanti's health is fast deteriorating. He finds Raj singing in a hotel room surrounded by scores of female fans. Enraged at this betrayal, he later storms into Raj's hotel room - only to find out the devastating truth as to why Raj chose to stay away from Basanti.
Genre: Drama,family,romance Runtime: 140:00
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