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Sawan Ko Aane Do 1979 Dvd
Starcast: Rita Bhaduri, Arun Govil, Jankidas, Pinchoo Kapoor
Plot: Birju lives in a small village and likes to sing. The village zamindar's city-educated daughter, Chandrika returns to the village and is thrilled by Birju's voice. She encourages himto share his talents with theworld and thus earn a living. Eventually both fall in love. Her father is angered when is comesto know of their affair, and he sends her back to the city and warns Birju of attempting to even think about her. Heartbroken Birju decides to go to the city, and there he meets with Gitanjali, who is alsothrilled by his voice. She assistshim in getting an audition, and which turns out to be a success. Soon Birju is singing over the radio, and becomes wealthy and popular. In the meantime, Chandrika's proud dad has lost an important court case, and as a result lost all his wealth, but his pride is still intact. When Birjureturns to ask for the hand of Chandrika, he is again rebuked. Will Birju and Chandrika ever marry? Or will Birju marry Gitanjali?
Genre: Musical, Drama, Romance, Family Runtime: 153:58
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