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Sazaa (1951) CD Rip
Director: Fali Mistry IMDB: 8.5/10 Part - 1 : File Name: Sazaa (1951) Release Date: 1951
Starcast: Dev Anand, Nimmi, Shyama, K.N. Singh, Durga Khote etc
Plot: While driving her car, Kamini(Shyama) runs over a young man (Dev Anand), who is seriously injured. She stops the car, and takes him to a hospital,where it takes several weeks for him to recover. Kamini visits him daily even while he is unconsious. When he recovers, she is attracted to him, and offers him employment with her dad Seth Mothumal's (Gope) business as a manager. After being discharged from the hospital, he takes up the employment offer, and is hired by Mothumal. He is also invited to dine at Mothumal's house by Kamini, and there he comes a mute maid-servant named Asha (Nimmi). Asha is attracted to him,and he also feels attracted towards her, little knowing that his past has come to re-visit himin her form, and not knowing the changes it will bring to his life. Genre: Drama | Family | Crime | Musical Runtime: 115 Mins
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