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Shadyantra 1990 TVRip
Release Date: 1990
Starcast: Ishrat Ali, Raj Babbar and Urmila Bhatt
Plot: Tabrez Khan is an orphan who lives with the Diwakar family, which consists of Police Inspector Raj; his journalist wife, Shobha; their son, Chintoo, and Raj's brother, Devdutt. Raj is killed and the Police are unable to apprehend his killers. Thereafter Devdutt joins the Police Force, does his work honestly and diligently and angers Bhawani Chaudhari, his senior officers, as well as differences arise between him and Tabrez, with the later leaving home to join the Police Academy. Months later Tabrez returns home as a Sub-Inspector- but nothing is the same anymore - Shobha is missing, Chintoo is dead, and Devdutt hasbeen suspended, has taken to crime, and is wanted by the Police Genre: Action | Crime | Drama Runtime: 133 Minutes
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