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Shaukeen |1982| (DVD)
File Name: Shaukeen_1982_DVD Release Date: 16 April 1982 (India)
Starcast: Ashok Kumar, A.K. Hangal and Utpal Dutt
Plot: Choudhry, Jagdishbhai, and Inder Sen are old friends in theirearly sixties, but believe they are in still in their forties. While Choudhry lives with his wife, Sita, Inder is widowed, and Jagdish is divorced. Their weakness is smoking, alcohol, and women. While they are able to satisfy they need for the first two vices, they are unable to openly indulge with women totheir hearts' content while in Bombay. When Sita decides to take a religious pilgrimage, the three decide to travel out of town, and have fun with women.They hire a car driver named Sakharam, who takes them to Goa, and once there, he drives them to a night-club, which has a dancer and singer named Anita. All three friends find Anita gorgeous, and would love to be intimate with her. They plan to individually spend time with her, but Murphy's law prevails with hilarious results. Genre: Comedy Runtime: 127.51
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