Shradhanjali (1981) dvdrip
Release Date: 1981
Starcast: Rakhee Gulzar, Suresh Oberoi, Deepak Parashar, Madhu Kapoor
Plot: Shraddha lives in Mahim, Bombay, with her widowed dad, younger school-going brother, Bittu; a step-brother and his wife, Rani. When her dad passes away, he leaves all the propertyin Bittu's name, which does not auger well with Rani and her husband. They lock Shraddha and Bittu in a room, refuse to feed them in order to force him to sign the papers. Both manageto escape, but Bittu is killed when boiling oil falls on his body. An unconscious Shraddha is rescued by her long-time boyfriend,Amit Kumar, who takesher to a hospital, and after she recovers, gets married to her. She is welcomed in the Kumar residence, which consists of Geeta, Amit's mom, and Raju, Amit's school-going brother. Rajuwelcomes Shraddha initially, but begins to hate her when she becomes pregnant. Then a business rival, Laxmi Narayan, breaks into their house in order to steal money. Both Geeta and Amit are killed when they try to stop him. Now widowed and completely devastated but determined Shraddha aborts herchild so that she can look after Raju. Years later, Raju has grown up and is now assisting Shraddha in the family business, which was originally Shraddha Construction, but is now called Geeta Construction. Raju meets and falls in love with Nita. Shraddha approves of her and subsequently arranges their marriage, despite of the fact that she is Laxmi Narayan's daughter. It is after the marriage that Nita will accuse Shraddha of having a affair withher husband, while Shraddha will find out that Nita who is not who she claims to be, as she is not Laxmi Narayan's daughter - but has an altogether different relationshipwith him. Genre: Drama, Family Runtime: 139:31
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