Singhasan (1986) [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 15 Oct 1986 Genre : Drama Runtime : 02:41:45
Director : Krishna Ghattamaneni Star : Jeetendra , Bharat Bhushan, Leena Das and Gulshan Grover
Storyline : Maharaja Sharminder Bhupathi of Avanti and his wife, the Rajmata, would like to see peace in the region, and would like their daughter, Alaknanda, to marry the prince of Gandharva, Aditya Vardhan. Whilein Gandharva, Aditya has plans of his own, for he loves a courtesan, Jaswanti, and would not dream of marrying anyone else, much to the disapproval of his brother, Ugrarao. Not to be outdone, Alaknanda loves a young warrior by the name of Vikram Singh. Acharya Abangdev of Avanti has plans of his own, which do not include Alaknanda, as he would like to take the region over and rule over it through Ugrarao. Then the unexpected happens, Aditya is reportedly killed by bandits, and Abangdev announces that Ugrarao be the next king, but at the very moment, Aditya shows up, is crowned the king, and makes sweeping changes to Avanti for the betterment of the people. His mother wants himto marry Alaknanda. Size : 232.3 MB
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