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Sunehri Nagin (1963) [DvDRip]
Relese Date : 193 Genre : Action,Drama Runtime : 2h4m
Director : N.K.Vishwanath Cast : Mahipal, Helen, Sulochana, Madan Puri, Ragini, Tun Tun
Description : A fake maidservant,an enraged emperor and a cunning magician complicate a male's life. After rescuing the maidservant (Helen) of the Rajkumari, Vijay (Mahipal) is attracted to her andtakes her home to his blind mother (Sulochana Latkar), and shortly thereafter all of them attend Naag Pooja. She impresses everyone when she gets the Sunehri Nagin to actually appear and drink milk from her bowl. Shortly thereafter, Vijay again rescues her from a Fakir/Jadugar (AnwarHussain) but gets a shock when he finds out that she is really the Rajkumari. Her father, the Badshah (Sapru) is impressed initially, and enragedafter Vijay proposes marriage, and asks himto leave. He subsequently plans a Swayamvar and many wealthy and noble males attend. Vijay also attends by covering his face, is able to defeat all combatants but again faces rejection when he reveals himself. The Badshah will deeply regret his decision of rejecting Vijay when Jadugar appears on a flying carpet, abducts the Rajkumari and takes her to an unknown location. Source : DvD
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