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Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963) [DVD]
Director: Vijay Anand Writer: Vijay Anand Stars: Dev Anand, Nutan Behl and Rajendra Nath
Though not very different from the many hindi love stories, this movie will always be rememberedfor its music. The songs mostly sung by Lata and Rafi are molodius and naughty. Dev Anandhas Nutan opposite him for change and they work charm together. If you are a Dev Anandfan, do not miss this movie; if you are not, this movie has the potential to make you one. After years of rivalry, two wealthy men, Lala Karamchand and Lalal Jagannath, decide to build their individual bunglows - the trouble is the Architect for both the bunglows is Lala Jaggannath's son Rakesh Kumar,and the bunglows are opposite to each other. To complicate matters, Rakesh and Sulekha, Karamchand's daughter, have fallen in love; are aware of the existing animosity between theirfamilies, and comically juggle their lives to meet their dads' expectation.
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