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Trip To Moon 1967 DVD Rip
Writers: Dr. P. Balakrishnan, T.R. Sundaram Director: T.R. Sundaram UNRATED File Name: Trip To Moon 1967 Release Date: 1967
Starcast: Dara Singh, Master Bhagwan, Anwar Hussain, Padma,S. Nazir
Plot: When last we saw Dara Singh here at Teleport City, he was making his screen debut as the star of the dinosaur-rich 1962 Bollywood peplum King Kong. Flash forward several years to 1967, when Dara wouldmake Trip To Moon, and we find a Dara Singh who has added quite a few jewels to his movie star crown. For one thing, he had appeared in over forty filmsby this point and had, in the process, become the undeniable king of Indian stunt films. He had played Tarzan, Hercules, Samson and numerous other loincloth-clad he-men, as well as James Bondian secret agents, Zorro-inspired masked vigilantes, and, of course, a fair share of swashbuckling pirates in frilly shirts. But one thing he had yet to play was a heroic, planet-hopping space adventurer. Trip To Moon, of course, would change all of that. Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-fi |Musical Runtime: 149.1 min
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