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Ujaala 1959 Dvd
Starcast: Mala Sinha, Shammi Kapoor, Raaj Kumar, Leela Chitnis
Plot: Bombay-based Ramu lives an impoverished lifestyle in a Chawl in Parel along with his widowed mother; sister Sandhya;& three much younger siblings, and makes a living using a wooden pushcart. One day his sister, Munni, is run over by a car, gets hospitalized and passesaway. Unable to obtain wood forher cremation, he uses his pushcart, and then joins hands with a Chembur-based gangster,Kalu, and picks pockets. He is able to get some money to feed the family as well as pay for Sandhya's engagement. He then gets into an altercation with oneof his associates, Chandu, and the latter gets killed. Guilt-ridden hedecides to give up on crime and gets a job sharpening knives. It is is here he will be plagued by the arrival of the police who areinvestigating Chandu's death - as well as become a suspect when a silver knife goes missing
Genre: drama,action,family,romance Runtime: 152:00
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