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Vishwas 1969 dvd
File Name: Vishwas 1969 dvd Release Date: Starcast: Jeetendra, Aparna Sen,Bharat Bhushan, Kamini Kaushal
Plot: Neena's (Kamini Kaushal) marriage with a wealthy man gets canceled as her poor parents are unable to provide enough dowry. Ramnath Kapoor (Bharat Bhushan) steps in, gets married to Neena and she re-locates to live a poor lifestyle with him. Neena is overly ambitious and superficial, and starts to live a parallel life where she only values money. Even after the birth of a son, Ravi, she continues to enjoy her life, and neglects both her husband and son. Then one day she steals a necklace and lets Ramnath take the blame, and as a result he is arrested and imprisoned. When Ramnath returns, there is no trace of Neena, and he undertakes to look after Ravi on his own. Fifteen years later Ravi (Jeetendra) has grown up, and is a Forest Ranger. His mother Neena, who has taken crime as a career, wants Ravi to live with her but he turns her down. Ravi crosses path with Radha (Aparna Sen), who hails from a rich family in Delhi. Both fall in love with each other, but shock awaits Ravi who comes to know that Radha's aunt is none other than his mother Neena. What happens when Ravi finds out that Radha was merely a bait to lure him and force him to live with his mother Neena?
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance Runtime: 140:00
211.35 MB
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