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Yeh Gulistan Hamara (1972) [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 26 Jan 1972 Genre : Drama | Family Runtime : 2:14:56
Director : Atma Ram Star : Dev Anand, Sharmila Tagore and Pran
Storyline : Vijay has been assigned the task of building a bridge in a small community, thatwill link China with India. Vijay finds out that the task is an uphill one, as people living on both sides do not get along withthe other, and will do nothing toassist. However, Vijay persists, and is able to convince villagers on the Indian side about the benefits of this bridge. As for the people on the Chinese story,is another story altogether, as they are ruled by a cruel and self-serving emperor, Deng Do Rani, who sends armed men and women to resist any effort to build this bridge. A group of these men, and a woman named Soo Reni are captured and held for questioning. Vijay and Soo Reni fall in love, and Soo Reni decides to assist Vijay in his task. It is then she realizes that she has alienated herself from her very own people, who have now been issued orders to kill her on one hand, and is regarded with distrust and suspicion by the people on the Indian side on the other.
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