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Zakhmo ka hisaab (1993) dvd
Release Date: 1993
Starcast: Govinda, Farha Naaz, Kiran Kumar, Kader Khan
Plot: Suraj (Govinda) lives with is parentsviz, dad (Aloknath), mom Savitri (Seema Deo), sister Pooja(Parijat), elder brother Amar, hissister-in-law, and a niece and nephew. Amar is employed in thepersian gulf and sends some money so that the family can find a suitable groom for Pooja. When Suraj goes to deposit the money in the bank, some bankrobbers intercept him and take his money. Since the moneywas not deposited in the bank, the bank is unable to guaranteethe amount. Suraj does not share this info with his family, sothat they needn't worry. Suraj goes in search of the culprits and meets up with a petty thief and pick-pocket Bindiya (Farha). He feels sorry for her, and takes her home and introduces her to his family, and promises to marry her. His family accepts Bindiya. When the family hear of Amar passing away, they ask Suraj to get the money from the bank. How will Suraj get money from the bank, when there is no money in there? Howwill the knowledge that the money was stolen effect his family?Will Pooja ever get married? Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Runtime: 131:21
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