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Bandie 1978 DvdRip
Starcast: Bindu, Master Bittoo, Manik Dutt
Plot: Maharaj Brajbhan lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bharatpur, India along with his wife, Badi Rani, but have been unable to conceive for Bharatpur, and have no choice but to leave it's reigns with Brajban's widowed cousin, Vikram, and his son, Kanchan. When Vikram finds out that Badi Rani is pregnant, he plots to first sully her character by having her abducted, then shunned by the Maharaj, and then decides to have her killed. But her killer has a change of heart and lets her live. She gives birth to a son, names him Bhola, and starts living a simple lifestyle in a Mandir with the help of it's Poojary. Years later Vikram finds out she is alive and kills her, as well the Poojary and the Poojary's son. Bhola witnesses this, manages to escape, starts to live with a poor widow, grows up uneducated, and makes a living through crime. After a heist at Ramdas' residence, he goes on the run from the Police and ends up near Bharatpur where he is forcibly taken in by Senapati Raghuvir Singh and asked to pose as his look-alike Yuvraj Uday Singh, who is a womanizer and alcoholic, has been missing for several days, and to prevent Kanchan being crowned the Maharaj. Bhola agrees to this charade, meets Uday's future fiancée, Rajkumari Radha of Rampur, as well as her ravishing assistant, Krishna, rescues her and both fall in love much to the chagrin of Kanchan who wants to wed Radha. Little does Bhola know that it is Kanchan who has lured Uday, by first getting him seduced by Vimla, and is now holding him prisoner in a dungeon, has plans to kill him on his birthday, and then expose Bhola as a fraud and eventually have him killed too.
Runtime: 2:20hour
201.95 MB
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