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MOVIE INFO Source: DVD Category: hindi Movies Informations : Director: Avtar Bhogal Writers: Iqbal Durrani (screenplay), Joginder Shelly (screenplay)
Cast.............:Stars: Jeetendra, Dimple Kapadia and Sujata Mehta
Roshnilivesa middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with her widowed mother, and sister, Anju. Her dadwas a Police Inspector, and she decides to follow in his footsteps, undergoes training, isappointed with the same title, and takes charge of Santa Cruz Police Station. She gets enough evidence to arrest Dheeraj Kumar, the son of the Home Minister, Anna Patil, but the Court finds Dheeraj not guilty, and Roshni is forced to quit. Then her sister, Anju, gets sexually molested by Dheeraj, and goes into a coma. When the Police refuse to take any action,she goes to confront Anna Patil and Dheeraj, and is soon on the run from the Police, accused of killing two of Patil's associates. She is subsequently arrested and held in a prison cell and tortured. Her mother's attemptsto locate her are in vain. She then attempts to find a lawyer, but no one is willing to take on this case. Then a out of work lawyer, Avinash Kapoor, undertakes to defend Roshni. Hemeets with her in prison, gets toknow her, and listens to her sideof the story. Confident that he will secure her release, Roshni testifies in Court. it is here that Avinash will show his true colors,discredits her evidence, and will have her confined in a mental institute. Watch what impact these turn of events will have on Roshni, and her mother
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