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Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se (1978) DvD Rip [Superhitof year]
Runtime 138 Mins - Drama |Family | Romance - 7 April 1978 (India)
Arun Mathur and his college sweetheart, Lily Fernandes, eventhough of different faiths, Hindu& Catholic respectively, are thrilled when their parents agree to the marriage. Ruby Fernandes welcomes Arun and encourages him to call her"mommy", while Arun's dad is already making preparations for the marriage. Then the doctor announces that Lily has blood cancer and may not have very long to live. She and her mom not only suppress this news from Arun, but also cancel the engagement ceremony. Arun's dad is shocked when Ruby informs him, and he and the doctor discuss various ways of getting her treated. One of them is to let a doctor from abroad examine Lilly. But will thisdoctor be able to reach Lily in time? and will Arun ever come toknow of Lily's illness?
Director: Hiren Nag Writers: Vrajendra Gaur (screenplay), Madhusudan Kalekar (story) Stars: Sachin, Ranjeeta Kaur, Rajendra Nath, iftekhar, junior Mehmood and Madan Puri
165.46 MB
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