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MOVIE INFO Source: DVD Category: hindi Movies Informations : Release Date 6 Oct 1998 Genre Action, Comedy, Musical
Cast.............:Amitabh Bachchan Dual Role (Insp. Arjun Singh & Bade Miyan) Govinda Pyare Mohan/Chotey Miyan Raveena Tandon Seema Singh Ramya Krishna (as Ramya Krishnan) Neha
movie info :Fellow Police Inspectors Arjun and Pyare workin the same Police Station in Mumbai, India. Although they work together, they have an unhealthy rivalry between them - leading to considerable acrimony and inefficiency. Then things get worse when a series of crimes and robberies take place - with witnesses coming forward and identifying them as the culprits. Their seniors view this matter very seriously, hold an inquiry, get evidence of their involvement, and suspend them. Now Arjun and Pyare must fore-go all past rivalries, band together and find out who framed them - and why?
167.75 MB
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