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Do Kaliyan (1968) [DVDRip]
Relese Date : 02 June 1968 (India) Genre : Drama | Family | Musical Runtime : 158min
Director : R. Krishnan, S. Panju Star : Mala Sinha, Biswajeet and Mehmood
Storyline : Proud, wealthy, and haughty Kiran meets with down-to-earth middle-class fellow collegian, Shekhar, and after several clashes and misunderstandings, both fall in love and decide to get married. Shekhar meets with Kiran's dominating mom and mousy dad, and is told that he must successfully pass a test that will be put to him through Kiran's mom, to which he agrees. Subsequently, he is put to the test, and succeeds, much to Kiran's delight. The marriage is performed with great pomp and ceremony, and Shekhar moves inwith Kiran and her family. He soon realizes that his presence is next to a lowly servant. He rebels and wants Kiran to leave with him. But Kiran asks him to be patient. Thereafter twin girls are born (Ganga and Jamuna). Shekhar still feels that they would be better off living away from Kiran's family, differences arise, and Shekhar moves out with Ganga. Years later...
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