JEEVA [DVDRip] 1986
MOVIE INFO Source: DVD Category: hindi Movies Informations : Genre Action, Thriller
Cast.............:Sanjay Dutt Jeeva/Jeevan Thakur Mandakini Amjad Khan Sardar Shakti Kapoor Lakhan
movie info :Abducted by Dacoits at a very young age, Jeevan Thakur ends up as a Dacoit and becomes a legend of his own by creating terror and fear amongst folks in the region, and comes to be known as Jeeva. Police Inspector Dushant Singh has been assigned the task of apprehending Dacoits, and he sets off to hunt them down one by one. Jeeva wants to avenge his sufferings at the hands of moneylender Lala, and sets off to do this. The Sardar of the Dacoits is killed, and the gang elect Lakhan as their leader. Lakhan is opposed to Jeeva and Gopal Singh, compelling both to flee. With the police on their tracks, the duo must also dodgeLakhan and his gang, and at thesame time attempt to get even with Lala.
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