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Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959) DVDrip
This movie sums up the genius ofGuru Dutt. A reclusive and introvert man portrayed in the movie was Dutt himself. Too bad the movie went over the heads of Audience in the 50s, however,its charisma has given it the status of a cult classic. Waheeda Rahman was beautiful as ever and acted much better than shedid in Pyaasa. I rate this movie better than Pyaasa personally. Kaifi Azmi's lyrics are at their best with "Waqt ne kiya" song topping everything out! I think the beginning is extremely maudlin and same for the ending.He enters the studio as an old and broken man, only to be jeered at by his ex colleagues. A must watch with outstanding Music!!!
Director: Guru Dutt Stars: Waheeda Rehman , Guru Dutt and Kumari Naaz
159.66 MB
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