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MOVIE INFO Source: DVD Category: hindi Movies Informations : Krantipath - Bollywood Movie - 1999. Director : Girish Dube
Cast.............: Girish Dube, Ruhi Sawant, Ram Shetty, Deepak Shirke, Rakesh Pandey, Raza Murad, Kiran Kumar.
movie info : Siddhanth Verma is aloyal man and also follows dignityand prosperity. He has come in the city to get an admission in the college. Siddhanth gets an opportunity to meet the education minister to get his admission done into a college. Siddhanth does not have controlover his anger and he ends up fighting for the people if they are wrong and has always followed the truth. He meets a girl names Pooja in his college and falls in love with her. Due to his anger siddhanth has committed many murders and has been put behind the bars. And later, the judge announces to hang him till death for all the crimes that he has committed.
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