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Main Wohi Hoon (1966) DVD Rip
Duration : 142.21 min - Mystery |Crime | Musical - 1966 (India)
Young and beautiful Asha Rai lives a wealthy life-style with her dad, Dhyanchand, in a palatial house. She has three suitors who are anxious to get aplace in her heart and marry her. One is Jagdish, a wealthy businessman; the second is Rajan, another wealthy man, heir to a vast estate; and the third is Vijay, who has just foundemployment as an Engineer. When Asha selects Vijay to be her life-partner, her father opposes this, as he would like hisdaughter to be financially happy,especially with a young man like Jagdish, who he approves of. When Asha maintains that she only loves Vijay, he invites him tohis house, and thereafter Dhyanchand's dead body is found. The prime suspects are Asha's three suitors, with Vijay leading this list as he has the motive as well as he was last seen with the deceased. Watch how events unfold when the police are involved and how theyconclude their investigation.
Director: A. Shamsheer Writers: Yusuf Naqvi (screenplay), Sohai Effendi (dialogue) Stars: Feroz Khan, Kumkum, Madan Puriand I.S. Johar
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