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Manoranjan (1974) dvpdrip
Cast-Shammi kapoor. Sanjiv kumar. Jeenat aman.
Genre-Comedy, Musical, Romance.
Plot-Havaldar Ratan is a rookie at the local police station, and isassigned duty on foot patrol on Manoranjan Street, a notorious red-light area, on the very first day of his job. He strikesup a conversation with a good-lookingyoung woman named Nisha, and tells her that there is a possible violation of Suppression of Immoral Trafficking Act taking place on this street. He witnesses several women soliciting men, and decides to callin the paddy wagon, and get them arrested. Alas, one of the men frequenting the prostitutesis none other than Ratan's superior officer, who immediatelysummons Ratan, and has him removed from service on corruption charges. Nisha takes pity on a homeless and unemployed Ratan, and asks him to live with her. He does not want her to sell her body, and so he decides to work at night, and during the day he takes onthe guise of a rich Nawab and spendstime with her. Things go along smoothly, until Ratan decides that it is now time to get rid of the"Nawab", and he does so, only to findout that the police have been informed that he has killed the Nawab, and they are out to arrest him. What follows is hilarious chaos that will change Ratan and Nisha's lives forever.
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